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How To Make Your Gilbert Home Less Appealing To Scorpions

common scorpion crawling in dirt

Scorpions are arachnids, a category that also includes ticks and spiders. More than 40 scorpion species in Arizona exist here, as these creatures commonly thrive in desert environments. Scorpions have a distinctive “crab-like” appearance with an arching tail and a stinger for hunting prey and fending off adversaries.

Are you looking for answers on how to keep scorpions away from your home? Many local property owners struggle with these undesirable creatures. Those who experience the most positive outcomes usually have assistance from a professional provider of scorpion control in Gilbert. The pros are familiar with the problematic types of scorpions in Gilbert and are well-equipped for safely removing these pests.

Why Scorpions Are A Threat To People And Pets In Gilbert

Scorpions are creatures that possess venom of varying potency. The most feared type in this region is the Arizona bark scorpion (Centruroides sculpturatus). In some cases, an individual who endures a sting from an Arizona bark scorpion will experience adverse allergic reactions that could require medical treatment.

How big can scorpions in Gilbert get? Bark scorpions found in this region typically measure from 2 to 3 inches long, which is larger than striped bark scorpions. Some other types found in this region include the Arizona giant hairy scorpion and the yellow ground scorpion, which pose minimal health risks.

How Scorpions Access Gilbert Homes And What Attracts Them

How do scorpions get in your house? Scorpions sometimes are seen in residential areas, hiding under trees, shrubs, and other debris. Although they generally remain outdoors, scorpions may enter homes when openings exist, such as through vents or gaps around entry doors or windows.

The species is often drawn to properties seeking sources of water. They also likely prefer properties where insects exist, as they are among their favorite food sources.

How do you get rid of scorpions? Because of the possible safety risks, property owners who routinely notice scorpions on their properties or inside their homes should promptly contact a local pest control company. Seeking assistance from a pro is also recommended because the presence of these creatures often indicates that an underlying pest-related problem exists.

How To Deter Scorpions From Your Gilbert Property

Property owners in Gilbert seeking to discourage or prevent dangerous scorpions from entering their yards or homes should understand what conditions attract these creatures. Some of the most likely attractants include:

  • Scorpions primarily eat insects; keep trash containing food scraps in durable garbage receptacles.
  • Keep the yard area free of unnecessary clutter and debris that scorpions might use as hiding spots.
  • Because water draws scorpions, homeowners should promptly repair leaky hoses, spigots, or air conditioning units.
  • Prevent access indoors by filling cracks along the exterior with sealant and installing sweeps along the bases of entry doors.

As this list suggests, homeowners should adopt a multi-faceted approach to preventing scorpions, including limiting access to food (insects) and water sources and implementing exclusionary measures that physically impede indoor entry.

What To Do If You're Already Seeing Scorpions In Gilbert

Are there too many scorpions on your property? Homeowners should consult with a company specializing in home pest control in Gilbert that can assist in tackling scorpions.

What's Bugging You Pest Control employs a team of qualified service technicians familiar with the kinds of scorpions in this area. We will perform a detailed property assessment and explain the best course of action to help reduce the presence of these unwanted pests. Keep in mind that our organization also remains committed to operation in ways that ensure the safety of our customers and the local ecosystem.

For superior pest control solutions in Gilbert, contact our office today.