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Tips For Keeping Your Gilbert Home And Garden Scorpion-Free

scorpion up close on sand

If you're tired of scorpions on your Gilbert property, you are not alone. This town is home to different types of stingers, from the regular stripe tail to dangerous scorpion species such as the Arizona bark scorpion.

Arizona scorpions present many risks to your Gilbert home. Although petting scorpions isn't new in Gilbert, stings from these arachnids are painful and can be venomous. You may experience numbness in the affected area, which may escalate to muscle spasms.

Children and the elderly have a higher risk of developing serious complications. Not to worry, however, you can push different kinds of scorpions out of your Gilbert property with the help of What's Bugging You Pest Control.

Where To Look For Scorpions

Scorpions love dark and warm spaces. As such, you're likely to find them:

  • Inside shoes
  • Between book piles
  • Inside closets and under clothing piles
  • Behind photo frames
  • Under rugs and loose floorboards
  • Inside drawers and cabinets
  • Under rocks

You can also find scorpions at night under ultraviolet light. The stingers shine under the illumination thanks to their fluorescence. Remember to wear gloves when looking for scorpions to prevent stings.

Remove The Scorpions Food Source

These arachnids consume spiders, worms, termites, even other scorpions. As such, you can threaten scorpions' survival by terminating their food supply and making your home pest-free.

Start by wiping crumbs off floors and cooking surfaces to discourage bug infestation. What's more, cover food containers and avoid piling dirty dishes for too long.

Garbage cans should also stay clean, sealed, and far from the building. Similarly, keep your space dry by wiping spills as soon as they occur and fixing leaks.

Likewise, dry tubs and sinks and squeeze cleaning cloths and wet sponges. Don't forget to drain water puddles around the house. This goes together with destroying pest habitats. For example, you can clear overgrown bushes that house prey, such as grasshoppers.

Pests can also hide under concrete blocks and stacked wood. At the same time, trim drooping branches that connect lawn pests to your home. Tree foliage can also collect on roofs, inviting scorpion prey. Additionally, leave a space between the house and any vegetation that can hide pests.

Seal Cracks And Holes In Your Home

Scorpions can enter your building through the smallest cracks. One such gap is vents. Although they regulate moisture and temperature, vents welcome stingers and other pests to your house, regardless of their location.

You can cover your roof, crawlspace, and attic vents with a mesh to block scorpions without cutting the air supply. Moreover, check the screens from time to time for any tears.

Another measure is shutting windows and doors to keep away any pests that may be hunting for food and shelter.

Don't forget to fit door sweeps. Chances are, scorpions can slide under doors where light passes through. Furthermore, the space might be too large if you can slip a coin under the door.

The arachnids can also use weep holes which are gaps between your building's sliding and foundation. It's not uncommon for scorpions to hide beneath unfinished walls. You could caulk foundation holes and cracks around fascia boards. Likewise, seal utility openings that surround wiring and piping using cement, steel wool, or expandable foam.

What's Bugging You Pest Control Can Help With Your Scorpion Control Needs

The best way to kill scorpions is to get someone with the necessary tools and expertise to do it for you. Contact What's Bugging You Pest Control to eliminate all the types of scorpions causing trouble. We have the tools and experience to keep scorpions off your property once and for all. Reach out to us today to learn more about our scorpion control options.