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Scorpions In Gilbert: What You Should Know

scorpion up close

Scorpions are pests that most people fear and don’t ever want to encounter, but they are unfortunately a rather common creature in Arizona. These pests are actually a kind of arachnid, so they are more closely related to spiders than they are to insects. Just like spiders, scorpions can be scary because they can inject venom, but they use a stinger instead of biting. Luckily, most scorpions in Gilbert are rather harmless, but some do pose some health risks. Discover more about pest control in Gilbert for scorpions in this guide.

What Kind of Scorpions Live In Gilbert?

The main species of scorpion to be aware of in the area is the striped bark scorpion. These are the most common and also the most dangerous. They are the species you're most likely to encounter around your property or inside of your home. These scorpions have long tails with a barb at the end, and they also have a pair of pincers. They are a yellowish-brown color, and they have two dark stripes that run along their backs. They are a rather small species, and they only get to be about two inches long.

Can Scorpions Climb Walls?

The thought of a scorpion crawling around your home is rather disconcerting, but it’s even worse to imagine them climbing up onto your bed or couch. While it would be great if these scorpions in Gilbert couldn’t climb, they are sadly rather good at it.

Most of the time, striped bark scorpions live outdoors, and they will climb onto things such as fence posts or into woodpiles. So, if they do get inside, they can climb up bedposts or other furniture. However, they don’t spend all of their time climbing. Striped bark scorpions will hide in dark, damp areas such as under woodpiles and rocks or in the back of closets and dark basements.

What Attracts Scorpions To My Home?

While striped bark scorpions prefer to live outdoors, they can make their way inside. Just like spiders, these scorpions consume insects, so underlying pest problems can attract them. They also need some humidity as they prefer slightly damp environments. Other factors that can attract striped bark scorpions include a lot of clutter as this gives them places to hide.

If you’re trying to get effective scorpion control, the best thing to do is contact the pest professionals at What's Bugging You Pest Control. We offer both prevention and removal of scorpions, but there are also a few things you can do on your own to deter scorpions. Mainly, focus on removing the factors that attract them.

You can start by removing standing water from the property and fixing leaky plumbing. You should also clean up clutter both inside the home and around the yard. And, most importantly, discourage insects by keeping kitchens cleaned and getting lids for all trash cans.

Permanent Ways To Get Rid Of Scorpions

While you can help reduce the risk of a scorpion problem by removing attracting factors, the best way to remove an existing infestation is with scorpions control assistance from pest professionals. At What's Bugging You Pest Control, we make it simple to deal with scorpions. We can address any existing issues and offer prevention plans for the future. Just contact us to learn more or request an inspection!