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10 Effective Strategies For Rodent Control In Your Gilbert Home


Having rodents getting into your home is a nightmare for most Gilbert homeowners. Rodents make terrible roommates; they are messy, destroy personal belongings, and cause costly structural damage. Furthermore, rodents pose significant health risks and spread urine, excrement, and fur over surfaces and throughout your family’s stored food.

The best way to guard your Gilbert, Arizona, home, against the problems that rodents cause is to stop them from being able to enter in the first place. Read here to learn helpful rodent prevention strategies. For further help with rodent control, know that the professionals at What’s Bugging You Pest Control provide homeowners with exceptional rodent control in Gilbert.

Why Rodents Infestations Become More Common In The Fall

Arizona rodents are active throughout the year and threaten our Gilbert homes no matter the time of year. However, the fall season not only brings slightly cooler temperatures to our area but also an increase in rodent activity.

While our temperatures don’t lower quite as much as in northern states, temperatures do drop. The lowering of temperatures in the fall causes rodents to seek safe, dry, warm shelter. In addition to providing rodents with a safe place to nest, our homes also provide them with reliable food and water sources.

In addition to invading our homes, rodents like to seek refuge in our sheds, garages, and items in yards you may not frequently use, like grills, vehicles, and lawn equipment.

10 Tips To Tips To Prevent Rodents

Now that we know why rodents like to move into our Gilbert homes, we must learn how to prevent them.

Use the following 10 rodent prevention tips to keep these pests out of your house this fall and throughout the rest of the year:

  1. Use expanding foam or steel wool to fill in spaces around wires and pipes entering your home.

  2. Inspect your home’s foundation; if you spot any cracks, use caulk to seal them.

  3. Install door sweeps and weatherstripping around windows and doors.

  4. Make sure screens in windows and doors are intact and secure.

  5. Place screens on chimneys and vents.

  6. Install fencing around the bottom of decks and sheds to help keep rodents from getting under them.

  7. Don’t store outdoor items, construction materials, or wood near your home’s exterior.

  8. If you have gardens or fruit trees, harvest them regularly.

  9. Avoid feeding birds and other wild animals. Rodents love wildlife feeding stations.

  10. Keep locking lids on trash cans, pet food containers, and compost bins.

What To Do If Prevention Fails

Rodents are intelligent, curious creatures that will take advantage of small openings that lead into our home. While rodents are more than capable of living outside, they just can’t pass up the food and shelter our homes offer. Despite being diligent and taking steps to prevent rodent infestations, they can still find their way inside.

If your rodent prevention tactics fail and you spot actual rodents or signs of rodent activity like mouse droppings, shed fur, or gnaw marks in your home. If rodents get into your home, there is no need to panic, but you should take quick action. The sooner you reach out to a local pest control expert and seek rodent control, the less trouble these furry pests will be able to cause.

Got Rodents? Call Gilbert's Rodent Control Experts

What’s Bugging You Pest Control has more than 15 years of experience protecting people and homes from pests. We know how troubling rodents are, and our dedicated professionals will work closely with you to solve your property’s rodent infestation.

We are committed to getting to the root of all our customer's rodent problems and tailoring a pest control plan to meet your needs. For Gilbert rodent control services that are fair, effective, and guaranteed, please call us today.