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Commercial Pest Control In Phoenix, AZ

High-Quality Pest Control For Your Greater Phoenix-Area Business

Running a business is a difficult job that takes an extraordinary amount of time, money, and energy. Any problem that occurs can mean the difference between success and failure if you don’t solve it quickly and thoroughly. If pests such as German cockroaches or pigeons get into your Phoenix business, you must take action immediately to avoid a host of problems that range from the spread of disease to damage to your inventory or building. What’s Bugging You Pest Control provides high-quality solutions to commercial pest problems in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. Let us help you STOP what bugs you today!

What To Expect From Our Commercial Pest Control Service

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Our exceptional customer service begins the moment you contact us. We’ll get information from you about the pest problems you’ve been experiencing, then use that information to guide our inspection. We’ll look both inside and outside your facility during the inspection to identify pest activity, harborage areas, damage, and conducive conditions.

Once we understand your unique pest pressures, we’ll customize a treatment plan to tackle the root of those problems while also preventing future problems.

Our services are focused on:

  • Proper treating and tracking
  • Bed bugs, German cockroaches, fleas, ticks, bees, rodents, scorpions, ants and other general pests
  • We use superior products in all our treatments
  • Safe and effective treatment options
  • Call our office to learn more about our peace-of-mind guarantee
  • Each Commercial service comes with a binder full of resources full of
  • Treatment plans
  • Common pests
  • Service logs for quality, accuracy and consistency
  • Safety information

Typically businesses need weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly services to protect their facilities and keep
them pest-free. Reach out and STOP what bugs you today!

Facilities We Service

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Protecting your tenants and keeping them happy requires that your building stays pest-free. Let What’s Bugging You Pest Control develop a pest control plan to STOP what bugs you today.

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Churches & Schools

With a large number of people coming and going from your facility each day, a pest infestation is a constant threat. Keep your school or church pest-free and STOP what bugs you today with What’s Bugging You Pest Control.

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Doctor’s Offices & Hospitals

Your patients need a sanitary environment to make sure their health improves instead of declines. Keep your medical facility safe and pest-free with What’s Bugging You Pest Control. Call us and STOP what bugs you today!

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Industrial Buildings

Keeping pests out of your industrial building is essential to avoiding damage to your facility and equipment. What’s Bugging You Pest Control will help you stay pest-free and STOP what bugs you today.

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Whether you have one business or several operating out of your office building, keeping it pest-free is essential to the health and safety of everyone inside. What’s Bugging You Pest Control can help STOP what bugs you today.

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If pests get into your restaurant, they will contaminate your food stores and damage your reputation. Keep them out and STOP what bugs you today with the help of What’s Bugging You Pest Control.

Why You Should Choose What’s Bugging You Pest Control

If your business needs pest control, you want a pest control company with experience. What’s Bugging You Pest Control:

  • Has over 15 years of experience in the pest control industry.
  • Brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every service call.
  • Guarantees our services.
  • Is detail-oriented, which allows us to get at the root of your business’s pest problem.
  • Uses the safest, highest quality, and most effective products available.
  • Makes it our mission to stop what’s bugging you.
  • Values consistency, thoroughness, and training.
  • Offers honest, fair pricing.
  • Is family-owned and operated.
  • Provides customer education along with our services.

Thorough Service For a Pest-Free Business In Phoenix

When your business is attacked by pests, you have three options — ignore them, try to get rid of them yourself, or call in the professionals. Ignoring them will only lead to a bigger infestation, and treating the problem yourself can be dangerous and ineffective, but calling in the professionals is always a wise decision. Eliminate your pest problems the smart, safe, and effective way with the help of What’s Bugging You Pest Control. We make it our mission to STOP what’s bugging you! Contact us today to request a free quote.

Learn how our team can successfully eliminate pests from your greater Phoenix-area home.

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