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Are You Struggling With Pigeons On Your Gilbert Property?

Pigeon perched in a tree

Pigeons, also sometimes called rock doves, are nuisance birds that often become troublesome for property owners in the Gilbert area. Pigeons have a rather distinctive appearance with grey coloring, black bands, and red feet. They often measure more than ten inches in length and weigh more than 12 ounces, depending on the availability of food sources.

Pigeons are among the most common pests found in urban areas, often nesting below building overhangs, beneath bridges, and within multi-level parking decks. Pigeons generally consume food that humans directly or indirectly provide, such as those who carelessly throw food scraps into garbage areas or onto streets or sidewalks from passing vehicles. A misconception exists that pigeons are harmless creatures; however, these birds may carry disease and spread excrement.

Are you seeking experts in bird pest control in Gilbert? A local Gilbert pest controller will implement some of the latest bird control methods and knows how to control birds in your yard. Many of the birds that regularly exist on local properties pose significant health concerns that require assistance from a seasoned provider of professional pest services.

How Can I Tell If The Nest On My Roof Is A Pigeon Nest?

Pigeons create nests that offer some degree of protection from strong winds or rain; therefore, they might be difficult to identify. The traditional nesting locations of pigeons were atop rocky cliffs or inside caves. Today, these birds now adapt to the available environment and often form nests in other upper areas of manmade structures, including buildings, attics, and steeples.

Pigeons gather various forms of debris when constructing a nest, including sticks, leaves, and roots. They form a small cove inside the nest where they position the eggs. In most cases, males gather the nest-building materials, and the females form the nest into a comfortable home. The process of constructing a nest typically takes several days.

Do Pigeons Carry Diseases That Are Harmful To My Family?

Why is having professional bird control for pigeons on your property important? As carriers of disease and ectoparasites, pigeons may pose health risks. They generate filthy excrement that is extremely unhealthy and has corrosive properties that damage property and promote the growth of histoplasmosis spores.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of The Pigeons In Gilbert

Some of the best tips for preventing and expelling pigeons from a property include:

  • Never feed pigeons and discourage others from doing so.

  • Keep exterior areas free of discarded food scraps.

  • Place all trash in durable trash receptacles with securely fitting lids.

  • Consider placing decoys such as owls on rooftops or ledges.

  • Install netting that serves as a physical barrier to entry.

Although many of these do-it-yourself tips and treatment options are effective, they do not represent a viable alternative to professional pest extermination services.

How Can I Get Rid Of The Pigeons Running Amok On My Property?

For more than 15 years, the experts with What's Bugging You Pest Control have delivered positive outcomes for residential and commercial clients that are struggling with pest-related problems in this local region. In addition to birds, our experts have the tools for safely eliminating ants, cockroaches, rodents, and many other burdensome and potentially dangerous pests that invade properties.

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