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The Key To A Weed-Free Lawn This Fall In Gilbert

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Keeping your yard weed-free is an essential step for many Gilbert homeowners who want to ensure the hard work they put into their lawn is maintained. However, this process can be tricky, as weeds are relatively prolific and hardy. Combining easy weed control tips with the assistance of Gilbert pest control is just the thing to ensure that weeds don’t take over your lawn come the fall.

What Causes Weeds To Grow?

Weeds are opportunistic plants and will grow whenever conditions are favorable for them to thrive. Conditions that are important in the weeds’ survival include specific outdoor temperatures, the moisture content of a lawn, and how thin or thick the turf is where the weeds are growing. And because they are opportunistic, weeds in Gilbert will grow anywhere there is room, often pushing native plants or your garden plants aside and taking the nutrients they need, destroying the health and appearance of your lawn. Weed control is necessary if you want to prevent this.

The Most Common Weeds That Grow In Gilbert And How To Treat Them

Many weeds grow around Gilbert, but you only see certain types commonly on Gilbert lawns. These weed species include barnyard grass, Arizona bluegrass (annual and perennial varieties), green foxtail, wild oat, and Johnsongrass. For all of these weed types, early identification and preventative treatments before weeds emerge are essential in stopping them from taking over your yard. Our team at What’s Bugging You Pest Control can answer more questions about pre-emergent weed control and identify each weed type.

Five Tips For Weed Control

To get you started protecting your Gilbert lawn from weeds, you can follow our five expert tips:

  1. Correctly identify the weeds that may have already invaded your lawn and get to work treating them appropriately; proper identification is essential in the total removal of most weeds. Different weed species may require various methods to defeat them.
  2. Ensure you water your lawn enough to keep it healthy, but don’t overwater it. Too much moisture or too little moisture can spur the growth of opportunistic weeds; keep an eye on your lawn to determine the correct moisture levels.
  3. If you are pulling weeds around your lawn, be sure to remove the root to prevent them from spreading or growing back.
  4. Use pre-emergent weed treatments or fertilizers to prevent the occurrence of weeds that you can’t see yet. You can also use landscaping fabric to prevent widespread weed problems on your lawn.
  5. Consider mowing your lawn at a higher level, as this will shade the soil from the sun more and prevent weed seeds from sprouting around your yard.

All these tips will help you reduce your chances of developing a widespread weed infestation and aid you in battling weeds that might have already grown on your lawn.

What's Bugging You Pest Control Can Help With Weed Control

Look no further than What's Bugging You Pest Control for weed control that will assure satisfaction. We will ensure that any widespread weed problem on your lawn is taken care of and that we work with you directly to prevent the occurrence of future weeds. With our help, your yard will be weed-free in no time, and you can return to enjoying the beautiful landscape you worked hard to achieve.

Contact What’s Bugging You Pest Control today and let us STOP what's bugging you!