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How To Safely Remove A Bee Infestation From Your Gilbert Yard

bee pollinating a white flower

Bees are a common issue that may land directly in your Gilbert yard. While bees play an essential role in the environment, they can startle easily and potentially harm the well-being of those around your property. Rather than suffer from the potential issues that bees can cause, professional pest control in Gilbertis the best way to safely eliminate an infestation from your property. If you're ready to enlist the services of a professional, you can learn more about the services that What's Bugging You Pest Control offers. We hope you find the following guide helpful for additional information about these types of pest problems.

The Very Important Role Bees Play In Our Environment

One of the reasons why bees are so revered amongst environmentally-inclined circles is because of the role that they play in our ecosystem. Bees are excellent pollinators and are responsible for fertilizing the majority of local plants and crops. Because of this, bees keep plants healthy and lead to the proliferation of countless species of greenery. This process increases biodiversity, oxygenates the air, makes our food healthier, and allows farms to produce more food in general.

Why You Don't Want Bees Hanging Around Your Yard

However, bees are potentially far more than a nuisance because of their propensity for stinging. When bees swarm, they can induce allergic reactions that vary from person to person. Some of the implications of getting stung by a bee include swelling of the face, fever, muscle pain, and hives. Additionally, you don't want bees hanging around your yard because there are vulnerable populations, like children and pets, who can get stung and experience far more severe repercussions.

Five Naturally Effective Ways To Prevent Bees In Your Yard

While bees may be an important part of the ecosystem, their presence can be dangerous around your property.

Try these five tips to keep them away naturally:

  1. Limit the plants you have. Bees are attracted to sweet, blossoming flowers, so opt to scale back on this type of greenery.
  2. Use scents they don't like. Vinegar and garlic are known to contain properties that are naturally repelling to bees, so try mixing them with water and spraying them around your property.
  3. Maintain a tidy yard. Some bees nest in the ground, while others opt for tree branches. Either way, keep your yard in good condition by patching up holes in the ground and cutting back harborage sites in trees and bushes.
  4. Opt for essential oils. Some oils like fennel, lavender, and citronella may be effective in deterring bees, so try diffusing their scents.
  5. Bring in a pro. A local pest professional will be able to assist you with additional methods of natural and impactful bee prevention.

For more information on how you can naturally repel bees in Gilbert, call What's Bugging You Pest Control today.

Call The Experts For The Safe Removal Of A Bee's Nest

Rather than encounter the dangers of a bees nest, look no further than What's Bugging You Pest Control. Our Gilbert pest control solutions can safely eliminate the bees that might be plaguing your home. We are a locally-owned company specializing in safe, detail-oriented services, so we understand the bees we're stopping firsthand. Our bee removal process begins with a complete inspection of your entire property to understand what's attracting bees and locate where any hives may be situated. We then use the highest quality, safe products to get rid of the bees on your Gilbert property. These services also come with a peace-of-mind guarantee, so if any bees return following our elimination, we will provide free re-services until we can remove the entire infestation. Call today and let us STOP what's bugging you.