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The Trick To Keeping Weeds Out Of Your Gilbert, AZ Lawn

purple clover weeds in lawn

Maintaining a beautiful lawn in Gilbert isn't easy. While there are many challenges associated with lawn care in Arizona, weeds are one of the most significant obstacles to you having the perfect lawn. Fortunately, there's one trick that can keep weeds from ruining your lawn.

Weeds In Gilbert, AZ

There are several types of weeds in Gilbert. To understand how to keep weeds away, you need to understand a little about the local weeds.

One of the most common lawn invaders is dollar weed. Contrary to its name, this weed won't make you rich. But it will take over your lawn and thrive when moisture is rich. Dollar weed doesn't respond well to over-the-counter weed control products and has an unappealing appearance.

Another local weed is crabgrass; if you have this plant, you're in for a battle. The weed is notoriously difficult to eliminate, but Florida pusley, a notorious turfgrass weed, is a little easier to thwart. It has white flowers that distract from your vibrant lawn. Even if you find these flowers appealing, you don't want any weeds on your lawn. All weeds cause problems for your grass.

The Trouble With Weeds

What's so bad about weeds? If you think people worry too much about weeds in Gilbert, you might want to reframe your mindset. Weeds compete with your grass for nutrients and water. As the weeds thrive, your lawn suffers. Every time you apply fertilizer or water your lawn, the weeds are the first to receive fuel.

As your lawn weakens, it becomes more susceptible to disease and pests. When you have weeds, it's only a matter of time before they take over your lawn. A small patch of weeds can destroy a yard in only a short time. Perhaps the most frustrating fact about weeds is the fact that they are near-impossible to prevent. Because weeds seek out the same things your lawn seeks, they are naturally drawn to your yard. Furthermore, weeds don't respond well to DIY attempts at weed prevention.

Ways To Keep Weeds Away From Your Gilbert, AZ Property

On your own, there are a few methods you can use to deter weeds.

  • For one, you should feed your lawn regularly. If your lawn is stressed, it's more likely to allow weeds to grow. Every six to eight weeks, remember to fertilize your lawn with an effective fertilizer. Healthy grass has a better chance of fighting off weeds than malnourished grass.
  • Another way to limit weeds is to mow your lawn in a high setting. If weed seeds don't have sunlight, they won't grow. Although you might like having short grass, it could be the reason you have weeds. To give your grass a better chance, change your mower settings. Typically, the highest two settings are the best for weed prevention. This leaves the grass tall enough to shade the weed seeds or sprouts.
  • As a final method of weed prevention, water your lawn deeply. A short watering doesn't give your lawn a chance against weeds. The weeds will soak up everything and leave your grass begging for water. To keep weeds away, water for lengthy periods of time. When you do, the grass develops deep roots that are less vulnerable to weeds. A simple adjustment of your watering schedule can make all the difference.

What's Bugging You Pest Control Can Help With Your Weed Problems

In truth, there's only one effective way to keep weeds away from your lawn. An experienced professional understands how weeds grow and what it takes to deter them. Contact What's Bugging You Pest Control to learn more about our seasonal lawn care, residential pest management, and commercial exterminator services in Phoenix, AZ.